Israel Loves Palestine e Palestine loves Israel

“We, the Israelis who work for peace in our world, want to show our solidarity in the most hard day for the Palestinians- The Nakba- the day to remember the pain of loosing their homes while we- Israelis started our newhome. It is our most important step, to be in this day for our Palestinian friends, If we want this home to be our mutual home in the future. The past we cant change- we can only know it, share the pain, and give our hand to the other so one day we will just have to remember but our life will be full of peace. So today Palestinian friends we are with you, yes we- the generation of now, we are here to learn from our past and listen to our clever future beings to guide us to a beautiful future with no Nakba to anyone, We Are All One.”

Noa, Israel loves Palestine. Israel Loves Palestine.

“Perhaps the most difficult thing in making peace is, to step into each others shoes for a while. To really acknowledge each others pain. Without judgement, without humiliation, without blaming but with compassion and understanding.
Today marks a sad day in the palestinian history because so many of us have lost their homes and cannot come back.
So today is a day when we all, Israelis and Palestinians, should step into each others shoes for just a little while.
With compassion for those who were in need of a safe home to heal their wounds, with understanding for those who lost their homes. With love for all those who suffered so much. On both sides.
It’s Nakba Remembrance Day today so today let’s all work together that these wounds can heal.
We need to make peace. “
Joujou. Palestine Loves Israel

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